There’s something so appealing about straight up rock and roll. And that’s what Melbourne band Society of Beggars give us with their debut single “Hyena.”

There aren’t any bells or whistles here. It’s rough around the edges, and it looks like the clip was probably made on a shoestring. But there’s real heart here. And I love the huskiness of the lead singer’s voice. It doesn’t have the spit and polish of big label releases, but it’s also got a bit more soul than many of them do.

What do you think of “Hyena”?

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It’s been an awfully long time since I pined over a guy. I celebrated my ninth wedding anniversary last week, which makes me feel very old. It’s funny though, even though it’s been a long time since I hurt like that I was taken back to my early twenties and all of the tears I cried then with Little Sleeper’s angsty debut “Middle of the Night.”

I will warn you that this Gold Coast songstress is fond of a four-letter word, so this isn’t the track to play in a conservative office environment. But if you are in the comfort of your own home or you have headphones, let this one and all its pain wash over you. “Middle of the Night” is one of those songs that just begs to be felt. Even if you’re not in Little Sleeper’s situation, I’ll bet that you’ll be as moved as I am by this one.

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As far as I’m concerned, the ‘80s was the golden era of the duet. George and Aretha, Don and Stevie, Jennifer Warnes or Peabo Bryson and just about anyone. The songs would be romantic, the singers would undoubtedly sing “oohs” or “woahs” so that anyone who didn’t know the words could join in, and there’d definitely be a saxophone solo. In that tradition comes “Hold On Together,” which sees Brisbane singers Jeremy Neale and Phoebe Imhoff taking us back to my favourite decade.

This isn’t their first time working together. Phoebe also appeared on Jeremy’s song “In Stranger Times,” which has only enhanced their chemistry this time around.

Jeremy’s going to tour the single through May and June. There’s no word yet on whether Phoebe will join him, but I’m crossing fingers she makes an appearance!

29 May 2015 – Waywards, Sydney (FREE)
30 May 2015 – Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
19 June 2015 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
20 June 2015 – Sol Bar, Maroochydore

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For a while there pop-rock became a bit of a dirty word associated with commercial success but a lack of soul. Personally, I always enjoyed pop-rock. It was comfortable, instantly accessible, and in my opinion never given enough credit. It takes skill to create something that can appeal to the masses, and that’s exactly what Perth singer-songwriter Travis Caudle has done with his forthcoming EP Your Little Trick.

The title is interesting for me, because there’s really not a lot of trickery about it. It’s good honest Aussie pop rock with a little hint of country. That genre twist makes sense as the album was recorded in Franklin, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. Working so close to one of the world’s music capitals has given this album a bit of polish, but the production hasn’t completely smoothed out Travis’ appealing edges.

Its opener “Outta My Head” sounds like it could be added to Triple M playlists tomorrow. I found myself singing along to the chorus and loving the big guitar chords from the first listen. The energy’s still turned up for the second song, “Something’s Gotta Happen.” But there’s more to Travis than high-energy music. He shows a softer side with the beautiful ballads “Wide Open” and “Heart and Soul.” The EP ends with my favourite song from the release, “Never Quite Enough.” I could feel the frustration in the lyrics and vocals, and I really responded to it.

Your Little Trick is an easy listen, but don’t underestimate the skill it takes to create something so comforting and familiar. It feels good for a reason. Because it is.

Your Little Trick will be released on May 27, but you can pre-order your copy now from Travis’ website. He’ll launch is officially in his hometown on May 31 as part of the City of Perth’s Sunday Sounds concert series.

Image used with permission from Capture Media

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Killer guitarist, skilled songwriter, talented producer, and all-round good guy Harts is set to release a brand new EP, appropriately titled Breakthrough.

The EP doesn’t drop until June 5, but it seems Melbourne’s Harts might have already made his breakthrough. He released his debut album Daydreamer last year, which saw him invited to play with Prince at Paisley Park. It doesn’t get much bigger than that folks. And with tracks like the bluesy original “Red & Blue” under his belt, it’s not hard to see why he’s impressing all the right people.

To coincide with Breakthrough’s release, Harts will undertake his largest local tour to date. Once that wraps up he’s got plans to head to New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom, so who knows when we’ll get him back. See him while you can at the following shows.

5 June 2015 – CATS @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide
6 June 2015 – Karova Lounge, Ballarat
7 June 2015 – The Loft, Warrnambool
12 June 2015 – Amplifier, Perth
13 June 2015 – Settlers Tavern, Margaret River (FREE)
14 June 2015 – The Newport Hotel, Fremantle
19 June 2015 – Republic Bar, Hobart
20 June 2015 – Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
25 June 2015 – Moonshine, Manly (FREE)
26 June 2015 – The Cambridge, Newcastle
27 June 2015 – Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne (SOLD OUT)
3 July 2015 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
4 July 2015 – Transit Bar, Canberra
9 July 2015 – The Gapview Hotel, Alice Springs
10 July 2015 – The Foundry, Brisbane
11 July 2015 – The Great Northern, Byron Bay (FREE)
12 July 2015 – Broadbeach Tavern, Gold Coast (FREE)

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Sydney indie-pop act Bad Pony have grown from a duo to a quintet since they released of their debut single “Sucker.” So we hear a much fuller sound on their new single “White Russian,” the first single lifted from their forthcoming EP.

I’m not quite sure what the song has in common with my husband’s favourite drink, but I do know that I like how it goes down. It’s so damned catchy, with beautiful harmonies and more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box.

I had the Soundcloud link, but I think I prefer the energy of this video recorded in the studio. It gives just a hint of what they’re going to unleash at the following shows.

5 June 2015 – Worlds End Brewpub, Sandy Bat
7 June 2015 – Republic Bar, Hobart
12 June 2015 – Standard Bowl, Sydney

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For years Adrian Mauro has helped his friends record and perform their music, but he’s stepping into the spotlight with his own musical endeavour Machine Age. And god I’m glad that he is.

I must admit, the name Machine Age prepared me for something which was technically perfect but lacking a little in heart. However, the single “Chivalry” is one of the most romantic, soulful songs that I’ve heard in some time. I am so impressed and swooning more than just a little at this one.

Apparently most of the single launch shows are done and dusted, but if you’re in Brisbane you’re in luck. Machine Age will play The Bearded Lady on May 29.

Image used with permission from Mucho Bravado

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Perth pop-punk trio Dan Cribb & The Isolated are giving us a taste of their high-energy debut album As We Drift Apart with the cracking new single “Let’s Move to New York.” The song sees the band collaborating with Kisschasy frontman Darren Cordeux.

Darren’s not the only star featuring on the album though. Nick Diener of The Swellers met Dan at The Fest in 2012 and they became such firm friends that he’s an honourary member of the band. You can hear his bass lines and vocals on every track on the album, which should provide another reason for punk fans to put their hands in their pocket for this one.

As We Drift Apart hits stores tomorrow, May 15. To celebrate its release, Dan Cribb & The Isolated will play three launch shows around the country.

23 May 2015 – Amplifier Bar, Perth
12 June 2015 – Public Bar, Melbourne
13 June 2015 – Crown & Anchor, Adelaide

Image used with permission from Deathproof PR

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Brisbane’s dark pop duo Love Like Hate released their EP Unnoticed late last year, but I’ve only just gotten around to listening to it. I’m so glad that I did. I already knew I loved the singles – “Electric Ships” and “Unnoticed – but I didn’t expect the other three songs to make up this release to be just as strong.

Its second song “Bright Eyes” is my new favourite I think. Its lyrics are exceptional and its driving beat compelling. I’m not sure whether it was written about a school shooting, but I couldn’t help but imagine a student struggling to fit in and striking back as I listened to it. The closer “Ride This Down,” which shows a softer side of the band, is so poignant and haunting. What a beautiful way to end an exceptional release.

Apparently Love Like Hate have been kicking goals overseas, but we’ve got them back for their English Summer tour this week. They’ll fit in the following local shows before heading to the United Kingdom for a headline tour (dates to be announced).

17 May 2015 – Fox Hotel, Melbourne (18+)
29 May 2015 – Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney (18+)
6 June 2015 – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart (18+)
21 June 2015 – Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm (ALL AGES – FREE AFTERNOON SHOW)

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Hump Day’s a bitch. The stresses of the week are starting to pile up and the weekend seems too far away. What we all need is some relaxing music to take the edge off. That makes Patrick James’ new single “California Song” the perfect soundtrack if you ask me.

It’s got a mellow vibe without being sleepy, as it has me dreaming of road trips abroad. It seems plenty of people like what they hear, because Patrick’s single launch shows are selling fast. Don’t dilly-dally if you want tickets to his gig at Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club on June 13 or the Sydney show at Newtown Social Club on June 27.

Image used with permission from Title Track

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