Pete Murray

Pete Murray is packing his bags and leaving Australia for The Netherlands.

The Aussie singer-songwriter says he is moving to escape the stigma that comes with commercial success.

“I worked very hard to be successful, but in Australia, when you do succeed, everyone that’s too cool suddenly thinks you’re too commercial,” he said.

“Once you make that crossover to commercial radio the underground tends to move away from you. You’re just not cool any more.”

Will Pete be any cooler in The Netherlands? We’ll see! His latest album, Summer at Eureka is poised for release in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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David Campbell and Lisa HewittSorry ladies, David Campbell is a swinging bachelor no more. The spunky singer married producer and actor Lisa Hewitt at Sydney’s St Phillips Anglican Church yesterday.

David’s dad and living legend Jimmy Barnes wore a kilt and accompanied wife Jane and kids Elly-May, Mahalia, Jackie, and Eliza-Jane. Toni Pearen, David Hobson, Dawn Fraser, and bridesmaid Magda Szubanski were some of the other famous faces.

The new Mrs Campbell, a massive Neighbours fan, managed to rope in Angry Anderson to sing “Suddenly” at the ceremony. I think that’s just so cheesy that it’s cool!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Howie Day

On Friday I made the trip to the Annandale Hotel in Sydney to check out one of my favourite acts in the world, Howie Day.

That my country still hasn’t quite latched onto the music of this talented American is both a blessing and a curse. I’d love to see him in a venue that isn’t quite so cramped, and minus the sticky floors. But I can’t complain too much about the $22 cover charge!

An indulgent Italian meal in Leichardt kept me away from the first support act Fairy Light, but I arrived just in time for Sophie Koh. I’d heard good things about this Melbourne singer-songwriter and she didn’t disappoint. She reminded me a lot of Bic Runga, with a sweet voice and compelling folk melodies. That sounds like the formula of so many girls with guitars, but Sophie’s poetic lyrics and intricate music ensure she stays always just that little bit left of centre. Most of us didn’t know her songs, but she kept us enthralled so that by the time she played Radiohead’s “Creep” we were all happy to sing along.

It was nearly 11 by the time Howie took the stage. I must be getting old, because I was fading. I’m used to concerts that finish at 11, not start. But Howie roused me with a set that was perhaps even better than the last time he graced our shores. He seemed more relaxed this time around, willing to joke around with the audience. We were all with him, laughing as he showed us how he could speak backwards and make uncanny bird noises.

Howie often performs with a full band, but he doesn’t need one. Just as his personality is big enough to fill a stage, so is his sound. He exploits technology, creating loops which allow him to play lead guitar, bass guitar, and percussion all at the same time. It’s clever but never gimmicky, just another colour in Howie Day’s box of crayons.

Once his set was done I just about fell over with exhaustion, knowing I still had to make it home to the Central Coast before I could drop. When I returned to Central station at a little after midnight to find the next train wouldn’t leave until 1:45 am, I nearly cried. But would I do it all again to see a show like Howie’s? In a heartbeat!

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Congratulations to Kathleen, Colin, and Steve, the winners of my recent Heartbreak Club giveaway! They will each win a copy of the band’s fab new EP, O Tempora! O Mores!

Make sure you keep an eye on Oz Music Scene for more exciting giveaways!

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Wiley is the undisputed godfather of the British Grime movement, and now he’s heading to Australia.

Wiley’s influence on Grime music is unmistakable, from nurting younger talents like Tinchy Stryder, JME, Skepta, and Dizzee Rascal or pairing up with the likes of Lethal B, Kano, Sharky Major, and Durrty Goodz.

He’s received critical acclaim for early records like Treddin’ on Thin Ice, but with the international smash hit “Wearing My Rolex” Wiley has stepped into the mainstream. Expect more success with the release of the Daft Punk mash-up single “Summertime,” the second track from Wiley’s new album See Clear Now.

See Clear Now will hit stores on January 17, just before the start of Wiley’s Godfather of Grime 2009 Australian tour! Here are all the dates!

16 January 2009 – Rosemount Hotel, Perth (on sale 11/12)
17 January 2009 – Metro Theatre, Sydney (on sale 9/12)
21 January 2009 – Meche Nightclub, Canberra (on sale 9/12)
22 January 2009 – Prince of Wales, Melbourne (on sale 10/12)
23 January 2009 – Adelaide Uni Bar (on sale 11/12)
24 January 2009 – Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast (on sale 10/12)
25 January 2009 – Zoo Nightclub, Brisbane (on sale 10/12)

Image used with permission from Warner Music Australia

TributeIt’s been a long time coming, but the legendary tribute shows for Lobby Loyde and Pete Wells will finally be released on CD. The album also acts as a way to remember Billy Thorpe, who hosted both gigs in late 2006 and early 2007.

Unfortunately for fans though, the shows will be released on one CD with a bonus three-track DVD. That means a lot has ended up on the cutting room floor, including performances by Master’s Apprentices, Chain, Wendy Saddington, and more.

But let’s focus on the good stuff, because there’s plenty of that. There are some fantastic tracks from local music royalty including Russell Morris, Richard Clapton, Brian Cadd, Lobby Loyde, and Billy Thorpe. And all proceeds will also go to Support Act LTD, a group which helps with drug and alcohol rehabilitation for musicians.

A Tribute to Lobby Loyde, Billy Thorpe, and Pete Wells is available now from Bombora. Click below for the full track listing.

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If you missed out on Big Day Out shows, or you’re just looking for a double dose of your favourite band, you’ll want to Prodigycheck out the recently announced sideshows.

Plenty of the big name international acts will play up close and personal shows around the country. Tickets to all the following shows go on sale on Monday 1 December.

The Prodigy
29 January 2009 – The Palace, Melbourne

Simian Mobile Disco
21 January 2009 – The Metro, Sydney
25 January – The Prince Bandroom, Melbourne

Arctic Monkeys
22 January 2009 – The Enmore Theatre, Sydney
24 January 2009 – The Palais Theatre, Melbourne

25 January 2009 – The Enmore Theatre, Sydney
28 January 2009 – The Forum, Melbourne

Lupe Fiasco with Muph N Plutonic and MC Pez
20 January 2009 – The Enmore Theatre, Sydney
27 January 2009 – The Palace, Melbourne

Hot Chip
21 Jan 2009 – The Enmore Theatre, Sydney
25 Jan 2009 – Billboard, Melbourne

Serj Tankian with Fantomas
21 January 2009 – The Tivoli, Brisbane
24 January 2009 – The Enmore Theatre, Sydney
25 January 2009 – The Palace, Melbourne

The Ting Tings
20 January 2009 – The Metro, Sydney
28 January 2009 – The Prince Bandroom, Melbourne

TV On The Radio with Wolf & Cub
24 January 2009 – The Metro, Sydney
29 January 2009 – The Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne

The Black Kids
20 January 2009 – The Gaelic Club, Sydney
24 January 2009 – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Dropkick Murphys
25 January 2009 – The Metro, Sydney
28 January 2009 – Billboard, Melbourne

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Trikarma has made a real impression on the Melbourne music scene. Now armed with a funky debut release LOVINGLIFE the lads are ready to get Australia dancing with their upbeat grooves. I caught up with vocalist Chris Buxton to learn more about this up-and-coming Aussie act.

I’ve heard your music classified as funk, pop, and rock. How would you describe your sound?
I would say that is pretty accurate – we definitely have funk at the core but the tracks are catchy with a bit of dirt here and there providing the rock.

You’ve just released your first album LOVINGLIFE. What can you tell me about it?
LOVINGLIFE was recorded earlier this year, mainly in at Salt Studios in East Brighton in Melbourne. We tracked the 10 songs over two days with all the boys playing together to give us our bed of tight and vibe-filled foundations. All the guys enjoyed the two days and we captured some really great moments. I laid down guide vocals with the boys over those two days and then tracked all the vocals in my home studio over 3 weeks, often until the early hours of the morning with a scotch and Sambucca in hand. Myself and Luke [keyboards] then did a day of over-dubs with our co-producer Sean McVitty in his very funky studio at Salt. Sean had also laid own some extra guitar parts and textures after my vocals were added. Once this was done we were ready for five days of mixing with Sam Lowe our engineer. This was a great experience of seeing and hearing all the parts and tracks come together and be polished and moulded. The album was then sent to Sterling Sound in New York for mastering. It has been completely funded out of my pocket and we are proud of, and happy with the album.

You’ve played several shows in your hometown of Melbourne. How have the local crowds responded to your music?
The response has been very positive. We feel we are definitely on to something here. The combination of the songs, the energy of the music and the players involved have gone down extremely well with our audiences. It’s music to groove and dance to as well as having something different to say, if you want to go a bit deeper than just the sound. We really enjoy playing live. We are having a great time and it shows, and I think people like to see that. We are not tortured artists – we are celebrating life.
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The Angels’ guitarist John Brewster is recovering in a Queensland hospital after suffering a heart attack.

John reportedly fell ill as the band was preparing to perform at Rumours in Toowoomba. He was rushed to hospital where he had a five-way bypass operation. He is recovering well, although it may take months before he can rejoin his bandmates.

But the show must go on, with John’s eldest son Sam stepping into his father’s shoes. Sam was the obvious replacement for his father as “he learned all the songs in the womb.”

The Angels will play tomorrow night at The Settlers Hotel in Mildura. Here’s a little classic Angels to brighten this story up!

Natalie Imbruglia PETA ad

Natalie Imbruglia is the latest star to pose in a provocative new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The Australian singer and actor took time out from her busy schedule to highlight the still common use of fur in the fashion industry.

“There is no kind way to rip the skin off animals’ backs,” the passionate Aussie said. “Anyone who wears any fur shares the blame for the torture and gruesome deaths of millions of animals each year.”

How true! And with so many gorgeous animal-friendly fashions on the market, why would you dress yourself in anything else?

Image source: PETA