I love learning about the many talents of our music industry’s best and brightest. So I was impressed when I heard that Gossling has collaborated with Melbourne jewellery designer Emily Green on a fabulous range of handmade accessories.

The collection was inspired by Gossling’s own signature nine bead and big bead necklaces. They’re sure to be a hit with Gossling fans and fashionistas across the country. You can find them on Emily Green’s website from April 1. No joke!

Image used with permission from Secret Service Public Relations

Queensland rockers Guards of May show music lovers how it’s done with their epic new single “Arcadia,” which is available for digital download today.

The track features incredible blistering guitar riffs and stunning vocals from Richie Harvey. I love how he effortlessly moves from a fragile falsetto to the stunning, soaring chorus.

“This one’s been a little while in the making. Arcadia is a track we are fiercely proud of,” said bassist Jimmy Harden. “We’ve been saving this one for now – I can’t wait to play it for people everywhere.”

They’ll do just that through autumn, starting with a few shows in their home state.

29 March 2014 – El Grande Festival @ Bojangles Nightclub, Gladstone
4 April 2014 – New Globe Theatre, Brisbane
5 April 2014 – Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast
10 April 2014 – Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
12 April 2014 – Reverence Hotel, Footscray
17 April 2014 – The Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney (FREE)
19 April 2014 – The Great Northern Hotel, Newcastle

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Adelaide’s All Year Round and Brisbane’s Set the Record are joining forces for the pop-punk tour of the year. The bands first performed together as part of Masketta Fall’s Parachute Tour and became firm friends.

This is the first headlining tour for both acts, so expect plenty of energy from both of them at these shows. All dates are all ages and shows are at family-friendly timeslots. Tickets are available online from Big Cartel.

12 April 2014 – Upstairs at 199, Brisbane (5pm)
19 April 2014 – Wrangler Studios, Melbourne (6pm)
26 April 2014 – Fowlers Live, Adelaide (6pm)

Image used with permission from Footstomp Music

The album’s still a little while away, but Thundamentals have offered up a second sneak peek at their brand new album with the release of the feel-good single “Something I Said.” With special guest vocals from Thom Crawford, this song is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

I love its old school feel. Those beats and horns recall classic soul, and there’s even the sound of a kids’ playground to add an extra dose of fun.

Thundamentals will release their third album, So We can Remember, on May 2. To celebrate they’ll play a bunch of shows around the country, including sets at Groovin The Moo and some headlining gigs.

25 April 2014 – Groovin The Moo, Oakland
26 April 2014 – Groovin The Moo, Maitland
27 April 2014 – Groovin The Moo, Canberra
2 May 2014 – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
3 May 2014 – Groovin The Moo, Bendigo
4 May 2014 – Groovin The Moo, Townsville
8 May 2014 – Flyrite, Perth
9 May 2014 – Mojo’s Fremantle
10 May 2014 – Groovin The Moo, Bunbury
16 May 2014 – The Zoo, Brisbane
24 May 2014 – The Metro Theatre, Sydney

Image used with permission from Heapsaflash

Singers don’t get much more amazing than Marcia Hines, so it’s only fitting that the adjective is not just the name of her new album, but also the lead single.

Marcia’s looking so fabulous that you’ve got to stop to remind yourself that she’s 60. That age brings an awareness of who she is musically that so many youngsters just don’t have. She doesn’t reinvent the wheel here, but she doesn’t have to. She’s Marcia Hines.

There is something pretty revolutionary about Amazing though. It’s the first album of original songs Marcia’s recorded in 20 years. She wrote these songs, co-produced them, as well as laying down all those vocal tracks. Reading what she’s saying about it, her passion for this album really shines through.

“This album is very personal and I hope and pray that my fans love this songwriting side. I have never before exposed so much of my inner-self than in these songs. You will hear the full range of human emotion, and all of it comes from my heart,” Marcia said in a press release. “The opening track ‘Amazing’ is about creating the happily-ever-after moment. This is the soundtrack to finding that fairytale love. You are the silver lining to my life and you are amazing.”

The album Amazing hits stores everywhere on April 4.

Image used with permission from SGC Media

Broadwing has knocked my socks off with his debut single “Anodyne.” It’s just so raw and real.

But perhaps that’s to be expected from an artist that comes from the Aussie outback town of Alice Springs. Just like the place he hails from, there’s no bullshit in his music. The instrumentation of this track might be a little electronic, but it’s balanced with some honest lyrics and emotive vocals. In the age of autotune, that’s so refreshing to hear.

“Anodyne” is our first taste of Broadwing’s debut EP Pinhole Camera, which will be released later this year.

Image used with permission from SCG Media

Two of the hottest names in Aussie music, Gossling and Vance Joy, are teaming up for one big tour this autumn.

Gossling has been busy wowing crowds in the United Kingdom and United States this month, but she’s ready to return to Oz to promote her latest single “Harvest Gold.” As a special bonus for fans, they can buy a limited edition 7” gold vinyl version of the single, which includes the B-Side “Never Expire (Oliver Tank Remix), exclusively at the gigs. There’s another reason to get to the merch desk too. Gossling will sell her very special Glossling, a shimmery lip gloss created by Gossling and Melbourne cosmetics label Shanghai Suzy.

As far as I know Vance Joy doesn’t have any fabulous merchandise, but he does have that “Riptide” song which should be enough to get people through the door. See him and Gossling at the following shows through April and May.

24 April 2014 – The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide (ALL AGES)
6 May 2014 – The Hi Fi, Brisbane (18+)
8 May 2014 – The Bakery, Perth (18+)
15 & 16 May 2014 – The Metro, Sydney
22 & 23 May 2014 – The Forum Theatre, Melbourne (18+)

The incomparable Chet Faker is preparing to release Built on Glass, his first full-length album and the follow-up to his gold-selling and critically acclaimed EP Thinking in Textures.

The lead single “Talk is Cheap,” sets the tone, an ambient number with a soulful core which effortlessly melds soul, house, and electro influences.

Built on Glass will be released by Future Classic & Opulent on April 11. Preorder it and you’ll instantly receive “Talk is Cheap” and “Melt,” featuring Kilo Kish, to tide you over until the album’s release.

With their sophomore album Carpetboming sitting pretty in stores, Melbourne sextet Harmony are preparing to play some of Australia’s best pubs and clubs.

I must admit, I wasn’t sure what to make of the lead single “Water Runs Cold” at first. But slowly but surely, I got it. What initially seemed like a bit of a novelty song suddenly made so much sense. The raw lead vocals matched with angelic harmonies are flawless. It’s a great indication of what music lovers can expect from the album which has already earned plenty of critical acclaim. Carpetboming became PBS Radio’s feature album, and FBi Radio’s album of the week. Blunt Magazine also gave it a perfect five-star rating.

Harmony wowed fans when they supported The Drones last year. See them step into the spotlight and earn their rightful place as headliners at the following shows.

3 April 2014 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
4 April 2014 – GoodGod Small Club, Sydney
5 April 2014 – The Phoenix, Canberra
12 April 2014 – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
26 April 2014 – Howler, Melbourne

Chance Waters proves he’s not going to be pigeonholed with the release of his brand new single “Bonnie.”

“Bonnie” sees him collaborating with Sydney indie-pop act The Griswolds, and their influence is evident. The song’s still got a hip hop core, but it’s something complete new from this MC.

This is our first taste of Chance Waters’ third album. There’s not a lot of details about this release yet, but if this song’s any indication it’s sure to surprise!