Proving that they’re one of the most consistent acts on the local landscape these days, Halcyon Drive have released another killer track, their latest single “Books for the Holidays.” It’s the latest track lifted from the band’s forthcoming EP Untethered, which is released on May 13.

“The song is about being frustrated with the state of loneliness. Part longing over unrequited feelings, part despair, part wonderment at the beauty that surrounds us everyday- this is definitely the most heartfelt tune on the EP,” Halcyon Drive’s frontman Michael Oechsle says.

I can certainly feel that frustration coming through in the heartfelt vocals and lush instrumentation, which moves from delicate and sparse to anthemic with ease.

Halcyon Drive have been touring the country virtually non-stop for the last 12 months, but they’re not done yet. Rather than resting, the band’s about to embark on its most extensive run of gigs to date. Here are all the places you can catch Halcyon Drive on their EP tour.

9 June 2016 – Rad Bar, Wollongong
10 June 2016 – The Stag & Hunter, Newcastle (FREE)
11 June 2016 – Transit Bar, Canberra
12 June 2016 – Botany View Hotel, Sydney (FREE)
16 June 2016 – Workers Club, Geelong
17 June 2016 – Saloon Bar, Traralgon
18 June 2016 – Shadow Electric, Melbourne
1 July 2016 – Cats, Adelaide
8 July 2016 – Solbar, Sunshine Coast
9 July 2016 – Trainspotters, Brisbane
10 July 2016 – Sounds of Sunday, Gold Coast (FREE)

Image used with permission from Rare Finds