After a hiatus of nearly 40 years, TASTE are back. However unlike so many bands, they haven’t reformed to cash in on the nostalgia of the past or fund their retirements. Instead they’re doing it because they never got the chance to fulfil their potential.

Rewind to the ‘70s and TASTE were poised to be the next big thing. They were the first band to appear on Countdown, their song “Boys Will Be Boys” was going gangbusters, and they were set to tour the United States with Queen. Then their parents charged into their management office demanding they disband. Sadly, they listened to their mums and dads.

However, they’re looking to put all that behind them. The band’s back together, with the addition of new drummer Michael Corniola, and they’ve got a brand new single “I Am God.” It’s just as grandiose and it rocks just as hard as a proper glam rock track should. The clip is also brilliant.

The track comes from TASTE’s latest album Life on Earth, which drops on May 27. They’ll celebrate its release with shows in capital cities around the country.

1 July 2016 – Crowbar, Brisbane
9 July 2016 – Fowlers Live, Adelaide
14 July 2016 – Frankie’s Pizzeria (FREE)
16 July 2016 – The Corner, Melbourne