The music industry moves so quickly. That’s one thing you really notice when you take a little time away. Press releases are sent, EPs are released and launched, and what was once timely quickly becomes yesterday’s news. But the funny thing is, even though there’s such a rapid turnover of new music and we’re always quick to race on to the next best thing, the very best music doesn’t date at all. It’s timeless. And that’s why even though Sydney singer-songwriter Kim Girdlestone has already released and launched her debut EP Freedom & Enterprise, I wanted to take time to write about it.

Her voice has such a distinctive tone. It’s the sort of tone the judges on The Voice would press their buttons for in a heartbeat, because you can’t confuse it with anyone else’s. It’s soulful but delicate, weathered by experience and pain. It pairs beautifully with a bluesy electric guitar but stands up just as well on pared back numbers.

But Kim has much more than a voice on her side. She’s a true artist, a crafter of songs that hearken back to the classic traditions of blues and soul. Her lyrics are introspective but relatable. She grabbed me with the opening track “Sex Is In,” a number that oozes sultry sass. “When You Fall” is the featured track, a powerful song delivered with real gospel flair. The closing track “Soulful Whispers” sees Kim laying her heart bare. It’s a breathtaking end to this EP. With just a piano keeping her company, we’re compelled to listen to every heart-wrenching word of this special song.

Freedom & Enterprise might have dropped a few weeks ago, but music this good doesn’t date. It’s available to download from iTunes, CDBaby, Google Music Store, and a bunch of other online outlets.