I’ve been a fan of Lucy Neville’s music since I heard her single “On My Own” nearly a year ago. However, with her latest track “Damaged Goods” I think she might have released her strongest single yet.

The stripped back treatment of this song makes it all the more haunting. I feel the vulnerability and brooding coming through. Its dark themes are beautifully juxtaposed with Lucy’s angelic voice.

”Although the original inspiration for ‘Damaged Goods’ was taken from an everyday conversation, the experience of writing the song was raw and cathartic and unlike any other song writing experience I’ve had,” Lucy explained in a press release. “This single is a bit of a different direction for me, but I wanted to follow my intuition and produce the song in the style that made the lyrics hit home.”

If this a sign of the new direction Lucy’s music is taking, I can’t wait to follow her on the journey.