Melbourne band Vallee first got on my radar with their single “Jungle.” Now with the release of their new EP Vices, I’m thrilled to explore more of their music.

It’s called an EP, but with seven tracks it’s really more of a mini album. That’s a testimony to the quality of this band. They couldn’t pick just four or five songs, as most artists do, because each and every one of the seven contained here really deserve their place. It’s always exciting to hear an act who can record something which genuinely contains no fillers.

When I’m reviewing music I like to take notes as I listen to it so I can remember my impressions. However, on my first listen of Vices my computer file contained just one word: energy. It runs through every song, engaging you and demanding you to listen. It’s also impossible to escape the themes of vice, from sex, drugs, and alcohol, to addictions to love and happiness. It’s meaty subject matter and Vallee handles it beautifully.

The opening track “Heroine” is so explosive, right out of the gates. It makes a clear statement, proudly insisting “We are here.” Each track is every bit as strong, with driving drums and vocals full of passion. “Jungle,” that first track that won me over, is given greater context among this EP of melodic rock numbers. I especially love “Spin,” which shows a more philosophical side to the band. The closing track “Cuba” showcases the undercurrent of rebellion which runs through the EP.

Despite being longer than most EPs, Vices maintains its energy and spirit throughout. It was satisfying from the first listen, yet I liked it a little more with every subsequent spin. Addicted? Maybe. There are worse vices though, right?