The rock music scene is a bit of a boys’ club. So it’s exciting to see The Foundry in Brisbane has teamed up with a great non-profit organisation called Girls Rock! Australia for the second ever Girls Rock! Brisbane event.

This music mentorship program looks to help self-identified girls, trans, and gender non-conforming youth aged between 10 and 17 nurture an interest in rock music within a safe space. Over five days participants will form their own bands, learn instruments, participate in creative workshops, write their own songs, and watch live performances.

Girls Rock! Brisbane will be held from Monday September 26 to Friday September 30. On October 1, all involved will get the chance to showcase their new skills with a live performance at The Foundry. Participant applications are due on Monday, August 1, so if you want to be a part of it you’ll need to be quick. Interested adults can also apply to become a volunteer for the event. Girls Rock! Brisbane needs people with a whole range of skills, so check out the application form to see whether you could play a part in this great initiative.

Image used with permission from Mucho Bravado