Adelaide indie folk act The Winter Gypsy is generating plenty of buzz with their latest single “Took Me By.”

This is such a complex track, with delicate electric guitars and driving drums. It’s a little heavier than much of the folk music we’re used to hearing, but there’s a restraint about it too. It’s not like anything else I’ve heard, yet it feels totally cohesive and accessible.

I also love the video, which was shot in Mount Barker, South Australia. In a press release, The Winter Gypsy’s lead singer Tush Singh explained the meaning behind the song and its clip.

“I wrote this song about a period of time wherein my mum was battling cancer – I felt helpless because there was nothing I could do to make her better,” he said. “I wanted to portray that thought into having a visual of someone restrained and ‘crying out for help,’ but having everyone run past (me through the tunnel) because there’s nothing they can do to help me.”

“Took Me By” comes from The Winter’s Gypsy’s forthcoming EP Page I, which is released on August 5. To celebrate, the band will play the following East Coast shows. Tickets are available from the venues on the night of each show.

28 August 2016 – Bar Open, Fitzroy (18+)
4 September 2016 – The Jade, Adelaide (ALL AGES)
8 September 2016 – Playbar, Surry Hills (18+)
10 September 2016 – Smith’s Alternative, Canberra (ALL AGES)
17 September 2016 – The Exeter, Adelaide (18+)