We’re used to paying for our TV and movie viewing habits via subscription now, so why not live music? GiggedIn is revolutionising the way we experience concerts with its unique subscription service.

For the small monthly membership fee of just $35 a month you’re free to attend as many participating shows as you like. Think of it like an ongoing fringe festival for which you hold a golden ticket.

Once you sign up you can browse all the shows in your local area for free for 21 days. New shows are announced every day and most are available to RSVP at midday three days out from the event. When you RSVP you’re added to the show’s guest list. Then you just show your ID to gain entry.

This unique concert model isn’t just good news for you, but also for the bands who slog it out in local venues every week. Currently 98 percent of shows don’t sell out. GiggedIn hopes members will be encouraged to get out and take a chance on more new acts, which will in turn help musos increase their earnings.

Just like Netflix produce their own TV shows, GiggedIn is also curating their own shows exclusively for its members. So your membership could be the only way you’ll get to see certain events.

Currently GiggedIn is only available in Sydney and Melbourne, but hopefully we see it expanding to other parts of the country soon. There’s no ongoing commitment, so if you decide GiggedIn isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time. So what have you got to lose?

Image used with permission from Chrissie Vincent Publicity