Critics around the world have been losing their minds over Sydney’s Harry Heart. Indie Shuffle praised his “emotive lyrics, the driving guitar riffs, and the loose percussion breakdowns,” while The Wild Honey Pie declared “his music is sure to tug at your heartstrings.” If you haven’t heard of Harry, his new single “Baby Calm Down” might help you understand why he’s generating such buzz.

It’s got a great dirty retro vibe which reminds me a little of Death Cab for Cutie and Arctic Monkeys. Harry explained the song “is really a track about frustration. About being a twenty-something year old male in a world of Mark Zuckerbergs and Justin Biebers, where everyone’s a bloody rock star; no one cares about the lovers and thinkers of the world. Emotions are discouraged and abrasiveness championed. Baby Calm Down is about taking that frustration out on those you love. It was one of those songs where I had about six verses and had to choose the best ones – I had a lot to say.”

Harry Heart will launch “Baby Calm Down” at the Rare Finds event at Sydney’s OAF Gallery on August 12.

Image used with permission from Rare Finds