I’ve been closely following The Evening Cast’s career since they released their debut EP Lake in 2013. The Victorian band rarely puts a foot wrong, and that tradition has continued with the release of their first album Belong.

This album has everything I’ve always loved about The Evening Cast. The harmonies are sublime and there’s a gorgeous Australian feel to the songs, with their references to familiar places and effortless feel.

It’s just an album that feels good to listen to, hooking you in from the first notes of the gorgeous opening track “Ride With Me.” I was already familiar with “Gang of Fools,” the lead single, but I think it sounds even better within the context of this album. “Water” is one of my favourite songs on Belong. Its delicate opening, with some of the most vulnerable and relatable lyrics I’ve heard in some time, grabbed me from the get go. I also adore “South Coast,” with its beautiful words that speak to the yearning to escape so many of us feel from time to time. “Clover” is a beautiful way to finish. It’s a track with real heart and soul, and some of the most powerful vocals on the album.

So many bands struggle to make the transition from EPs to full-length album, but there are no evident teething problems here. Every song is so special in its own right. I already loved The Evening Cast, but with the release of this album I think I’ve fallen a little deeper.

Belong is in stores now.