With a whole lot of sass and swagger, Melbourne singer Maya is releasing her debut single “Sinners” today.

This song sounds far more polished than any first effort has a right to be, which is a testament to Maya’s talent and the good people she has surrounded herself with. The vocals are rich and soul, utterly captivating. The track is also a killer, but we’d expect nothing else from something penned by Smash Bros (Cheryl Cole, Cee Lo Green, Flo Rida) and Australia’s own Shelley Segal.

“I have been working hard to reach this moment and am ready to release ‘Sinners’ to the world,” Maya said in a statement. “The single is a representation of relationship drama, it looks at the two sides of love and desire.”

Maya will front her own show at The Evelyn in Melbourne on September 2 before taking part in Total Eclipse: Songs by Jim Steinman at the Anthenaeum Theatre on September 17.