Casey Barnes has enlisted plenty of star power for the music video for his latest single “Live as One.” Appearances from Erik Thompson, Pete Evans, Shane Heal, Greg Bird, Sally Pearson, Rob Mills, and heaps more have helped the clip go viral. But this clip has more than celebrities to endear itself.

With the Olympics winding down, we’re all thinking of the need to break down barriers and live harmoniously together, putting aside cultural and religious beliefs as well as other differences like sexual orientation, disabilities, and upbringings. It’s such a great positive message expressed beautifully by Casey and his cowriter Rick Price.

“Rick and I were both inspired to write ‘Live As One’ at the start of this year after feeling frustration at the constant fear filled messages and negativity we constantly see every day in the news and on social media, along with the mistakes we keep on making as a human race, over the history of time, with violence and hatred, which clearly isn’t the answer,” Casey explained. “My favourite lyric in the whole song is the opening line: ‘Angry words and a fist never healed no one’. I feel there’s never been a more important time to be spreading messages of hope and positivity, especially for our kids who are the next generation that have the ability to make change.”

“Live as One” is the title track from Casey’s new album, which drops on August 26.