With The Peeks winding down their Grow Up/Grow Down tour, I figured it was about time I sat down and listened to the album that shares its name. I adored the most recent single “Wanaka,” so my expectations were high for this release. The Melbourne indie folk act does not disappoint.

I love the way the band goes beyond the usual acoustic guitar strumming we hear on so many folk albums, adding gentle strings to a track like “Postman” and some brass to “Don’t Tell Your Mama.” The latter song is a real standout, with guest vocals from the sublime Annabelle Kay. This rollicking country-folk gem compelled me to tap my toes and clap my hands in time to the beat. Annabelle returns again later in the album for the poignant “Aubergine Sewing Machine.” “Night Owl” is another master stroke. I love the way it starts so small, then builds into an almost orchestral crescendo before melting away.

Grow Up/Grow Down is full of music that feels so good to listen to. It’s calming, folky, acoustic, organic heaven, perfect for slipping on during a lazy day or when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of life. The lyrics are insightful and poetic and Fraser Henry’s voice is always on point. His soaring falsetto is especially affecting.

Grow Up/Grow Down is available now.