Jess + Matt were my favourite act from last year’s X Factor. In fact, they might be my favourite act from the X Factor, period. I fell hard for their sublime harmonies, folk sensibility, and their genuine love story.

However, I’m not so enamoured with their latest single, the first original they’ve released since their stint on the show “Bones.” The song was co-written with DNA, the duo behind hits from The Veronicas, Dami Im, and Delta Goodrem. It sounds fresh and commercial, and like nothing I’d have imagined Jess + Matt would produce. And perhaps that’s the problem.

I first stumbled upon this song on Spotify. I didn’t get it at all. Then I played the acoustic version you can find there, and the penny dropped. Suddenly the lyrics which reflect on the feelings of new love came to the fore, rather than the production. Suddenly it seemed weightier than I’d originally imagined.

I appreciate that Jess + Matt are a duo experimenting with their sound and trying to find their place in the music industry post-reality fame. However, I just hope they don’t get too far away from what made them special in an attempt to achieve commercial success.