Kav Temperley continues his musical evolution with the release of his first solo EP, Hope St, on September 9. The EP features the brand new single “Dancin’,” a quirky romantic number that’s put a big smile on my face.

Kav says the EP is as honest as he gets.

“It’s terrifying! But it’s also liberating. There was no censoring – no towing a particular line,” he explained. “I suppose you could say Hope St is me burying my 20s and elegantly dancing into my late 30s. It’s about finding a new way.”

Hope St is actually the first of four EPs Kav has in the works.

“They all form a complete narrative,” he explained. “They take us full cycle. I wanted to present these songs in a unique format, in a different paradigm – it was an artistic challenge. Each EP tells a different part of the same story – each is a part of the whole.”

The lead single from Hope St, “Dancin’” features guest vocals from Lucy Peach who will join Kav at all but the Brisbane Festival show. Catch them both at the following venues.

3 September 2016 – FAC Gallery Sessions, Fremantle
11 September 2016 – Brisbane Festival, Brisbane
15 September 2016 – Caravan Music Club, Oakleigh
16 September 2016 – The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine
17 September 2016 – The Basement, Sydney
18 September 2016 – Front Bar, Canberra
23 September 2016 – Jimmy’s Den, Perth
24 September 2016 – Clancy’s Fish Pub, Dunsborough