Life’s been far too busy for my liking of late. I feel like I’m living in The Block, with my husband and I renovating half my house (along with the generous contributions of my parents). Those parents have been down to my place three days already this week and we’ve all been slapping paint around like people possessed in preparation for laying carpet tomorrow. On Tuesday I headed to Newcastle a little after lunch to visit the dentist, call in to my sister’s place to help her with her tax, then catch the wonderful Jimmy Barnes at Lizotte’s (more on that later).

Needless to say, today is the first day all week I’ve felt I could just “be.” Deadlines are looming of course, but there’s something about the calm that comes from an empty house and a day inn pyajamas that makes those deadlines a bit more bearable. In this rare moment of calm I’ve discovered the latest track from Rowena Wise. With her angelic voice and whimsical charm, she’s just what I needed to listen to right now. If your week has felt far too long too, you need to listen to her new single “Hollow Hearts.”

This divine song comes from Rowena’s self-titled album, which she recorded with celebrated Melbourne producer Nick Huggins. Rowena is currently touring on the back of its release. You can catch her at the following venues.

16 September 2016 – Smiths Alternative, Canberra
17 September 2016 – Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide
23 September 2016 – Junk Bar, Brisbane
24 September 2016 – The Grace Darling, Melbourne
25 September 2016 – The Homestead, Hobart