As a kid growing up in Australia, Halloween wasn’t really a “thing.” I remember pestering my parents to go trick or treating with some school friends once. The neighbourhood was so unprepared for us all we ended up with was some muesli bars people had for their kids’ lunches and some very strange looks.

However, a lot seems to have changed since then and Aussies are embracing the spookiness of Halloween. In the spirit of this acceptance comes “Howl,” the creepy new single from Melbourne’s Emilee South. It’s got a great bluesy feel with dirty guitar licks and rich, sultry vocals from Emilee.

“Howl” currently has a digital release but from the end of the month you can get your hands on a 7” vinyl copy. The records will be on sale at Emilee’s single launch and Halloween party at Bella Union on October 30.

Image used with permission from Fever Shake Records