I prefer my Fridays leisurely, gentle introductions to weekends where I’m free to do exactly what I want. However, this one is nothing like that. I’ve got so much work on my plate that I know I’ll be chained to my desk for most of the weekend. When I’m under the pump like this, I look to music like Owls From the Swamp’s new EP Meteorite.

This recording is like a little oasis in a busy day. There’s a dreamlike quality to the music, which brings a modern electric edge to the folk genre.

“Starting All Over,” the single I was already familiar with, lulled me into the recording, instantly putting me at ease. The following track “Stepping Stones” took me back to my childhood, with its reference to throwing stones in the water and watching them ripple and warm, nurturing atmosphere. The title track “Meteorite” may be the dreamiest number of all. I almost get a sense of floating as I listen to it. It’s fitting then that the next song is “How Long Have I Been Sleeping?” It doesn’t quite rouse the listener from their dreamlike state, but rather ease them back into the land of the living. I love the acoustic guitar picking that anchors this song, which may be my favourite on the EP. “I Found You” is such a romantic way to end this beautiful EP. It’s such an honest declaration of love, heart-warming and so endearing.

I love the lush instrumentation of this release. It all sounds so pretty. There’s a lot of layering in the sounds, yet Owls of the Swamp never pushes things too far. This is another stellar release from the Aussie expat.

Meteorite is released on November 4.

Image used with permission from Pete Uhlenbruch