This is the first day this week I haven’t had somewhere to be, some thing that takes me away from my desk and my writing. It’s the perfect day to be at home, a little chilly with rain hitting the tin of the patio roof just outside my window. On days like this you want music that feels easy and comfortable, mellow and acoustic-driven. I found that in Amarillo’s new album Eyes Still Fixed.

I’ve actually had this album sitting at the top of my inbox for a while. I call it new, but the Melbourne alt-country duo released it almost a month old now. While I would have liked to get to this review in a more timely fashion, I also think I found this album at the right time for me personally. This is what I needed to explore right now.

Eyes Still Fixed was written mostly on the road, in the remote hotel rooms of the Northern Territory and Western Australia. That laidback feel of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city comes through these tracks beautifully. The steel guitars are languorous and the vocals have a distinct Australian twang to them.

The opening track “All I Can See” is breathtaking for its sparseness. I love a song that gives the music and lyrics space to breathe. The nostalgic wistfulness of “Lemonade” is so charming. The simplicity of the title track is haunting. The summery “Look At You Baby” put an instant smile on my face.

Eyes Still Fixed is a beautiful collection of songs without the frills. With their honesty and organic charm, Amarillo has created an album that’s simply a joy to listen to.

Image used with permission from Annie Johnsson Publicity