Deer Prudence has thoroughly charmed me with the impending release of “Sam’s Lament,” a folky ditty which takes me to the misty landscapes of Ireland with its sweet, ethereal harmonies and plaintive violins.

The lasses from Deer Prudence actually grew up in regional Victoria, and relocated to Melbourne to study and pursue their musical careers. The song touches on the changes they’ve made during that time.

“For us, Sam’s Lament is a piece that signifies our last five years – writing, recording, finishing a music degree and leaving our hometowns – an epic ode to the good that’s happened and to some of the bad,” they explained in a press release. “We drew parallels between someone travelling a great distance; a mystical tale – and landed on Frodo and Sam’s trek to Mount Doom bearing the weight of the Ring of Power … Life is a bit like that.”

Deer Prudence will officially launch this gorgeous single with a free show at Clifton Hills’ Some Velvet Morning on November 19. Forever Son will support.