Kerser is on target to achieve his goal of releasing ten albums in ten years with the impending launch of album number six, Tradition, on November 18. He’s released a new LP every year since his debut, The Nebulizer, dropped in October 11.

After working with Sinima Beats on his last record, the  MC from Campbelltown was keen to have the producer back on board for his latest release.

“We wanted to make it a lot more versatile and I think we’ve done that,” he enthused in a press release. “We’ve covered heaps of styles and a bit of dance, a bit of boom bap, a bit of original stuff … There’s a bit of everything on it.”

One of those tracks, “Bad Habits,” almost didn’t make the cut, but when fans swamped his YouTube channel Kerser knew this brutally honest song deserved its place on Tradition.

“Every album, I move up,” Kerser insists. You can find out if he’s right when Tradition hits stores on November 18.