I watched the excellent Irish movie Sing Street on the weekend. It tickled my funny bone, moved me as I haven’t been moved by a film in years, and also made me feel woefully inadequate. The kids in the movie are a fraction of my age yet capable of making the kind of music I can only dream of. Those feelings of inadequacy are creeping in again now that I’ve discovered The Buckleys.

The Buckleys are three siblings: 17-year-old Sarah Grace Buckley on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, 15-year-old Lachlan Buckley on bass and electric guitars, and 14-year-old Molly Buckley on vocals and mandolin. Their most recent single “Would You Like to Dance” is amazing. They’ve worked a who’s who of songwriters in Nashville, and they’ve signed an international deal with Aussie label Golden Robot Records. They’re returning to the US next week to meet with publishing and management companies in Nashville. While they’re there, they’ll play Music City Roots in Franklin, Tennessee on December 14. Seriously, could they cram any more accomplishments into their young lives?

Before they go, the Buckleys will play the Mullum Music Festival in Mullimbimby on Saturday, November 19. Get on board now, because these guys are going to be big.