There’s something in the air in Byron Bay. The residents just seem to be more chilled out than the rest of us, which makes it an excellent breeding ground for the kind of folky alt-country music I love. Leeli is the latest act from Byron to catch my ear, and I recommend you take a listen to her stuff too.

New single “Into the Dark” is the perfect introduction to this talented songstress. A moving reflection on the power of addiction and loss, it draws you in with its personal lyrics and heartfelt delivery. It’s music at its purest, with little more than the vocals and the gentle strum of an acoustic guitar.

Leeli is currently on the road, taking this song and others in her collection to audiences around the country. It’s a place where she feels right at home.

“For me it’s about the intimacy of performance,” she explained. “That beautiful rawness of telling your story with one guitar and one voice.”

Here are the remaining dates on Leeli’s tour.

23 November 2016 – The Rails, Byron Bay
26 November 2016 – Rhythm Hut, Gosford
30 November 2016 – Newtown Social Club, Newtown
15 December 2016 – The Balcony, Byron Bay

Image used with permission from Rish Publicity