While I’ve carved out a great little life for myself as a freelance writer, I haven’t always had the support of people around me. Leaving the corporate world behind can be scary, but I can’t imagine going back to the world of bosses and office politics. So “Dream Catcher’s Life,” a song which the presser calls “an ode to those who chose to chase their goals regardless of what society might say,” really resonates with me.

It’s the brainchild of Melbourne band The Hiding, who’s enlisted the help of guest vocalist Stewart Winchester.

“The song came about after we returned from New York City,” explained Anthony Salce, the band’s lyricist and lead guitarist. “It’s really just about living your dreams, not settling for the mediocre, and hoping that you have that special someone to share it with, someone who wants to share the journey with you.”

The clip, featuring the talents of aerial artists Didj Wentworth and Phoebe Carlson, elevates this already special song. Industrial work has never looked so beautiful.

The Hiding will celebrate the single’s release with an exclusive set at The Grace Darling on December 10 as part of Pennyfest.