Show me a band that can harmonise beautifully and I’ll show you a very happy music lover. The acts that get it right tend to have a close relationship. They might be siblings, for example, or in the case of >The Campervan Dancers, husband and wife. The Sydney folk duo has entranced me with their debut single “Starlight (Pickin’ Pears).”

The song has such a timeless appeal that despite being written in 2012 it hasn’t dated one jot. Ryan and Chelsea Collings wrote the song while they were falling in love; perhaps that’s what gives this song that extra bit of magic. I love the way the duo has layered sounds underneath their vocals, like the bossa nova drums from their grandma’s old organ, cats from YouTube, samples from astronauts, and even the sound of a real star.

“Starlight (Pickin’ Pears)” will feature on The Campervan Dancers’ self-titled EP, which will be available next year. Hopefully the other songs on this five-track recording will be every bit as special.

Image used with permission from Ditto PR