I like to think of the late 90s and early 2000s of the glory days of Aussie pop-rock. We produced so many quality acts like Invertigo, Taxiride, Vanessa Amorosi, and Bachelor Girl. It was a time when Australian musicians were mainstream, and that wasn’t a dirty word. The local music industry might have moved away from pop-rock, but when you hear the genre done well you stop and wonder why we don’t make more of this music.

I’m glad Casey Barnes is still flying the flag though. Every song he releases is excellent, and his newie “Just Like Magic” is no exception. It’s ridiculously catchy, perhaps because Casey collaborated with the MSquared Boys (Michael Paynter and Michael Delorenzis).

“The song touches on a guy’s complete and utter fascination with a girl who basically has him under her ‘spell’. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that feeling!” Casey explained in a press release. “Writing and producing ‘Just Like Magic’ with Michael Paynter and Michael Delorenzis was such a great experience, and I think it shows in how the song turned out. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the album … it gets people dancing.”

“Just Like Magic” is the latest track lifted from Casey’s current album Live as One.