I have had one of those weeks that I’d rather forget. A week where there seems to be too much bad news to comprehend and I just needed to focus on putting one foot in front of the other. I could listen to depressing music and wallow, but I’d much rather find something to uplift me. I’ve found it in “L.E.D. Nights,” the latest track from Sydney electro act Dead Language.

I don’t normally go for floor fillers like this, but the shimmery synths are taking me right back to my childhood spent at roller discos. I also love the rich powerful vocals from Dominic Price.

“I began writing L.E.D. Nights over a year ago, but it’s taken me until only now to finally realise fully,” he explained in the press release. “It was a particularly hard song to get right. It came from feeling completely stifled and frustrated by being a musician. LED Nights was the first song I could finally get right; it’s now become my own personal anthem to try not to doubt myself too harshly.”

Is “L.E.D. Nights firing you up too?