Montaigne shows why she was named this year’s breakthrough artist at the ARIA Awards, with another incredible single, “What You Mean to Me.” She truly is one of the most fascinating artists on the music scene at the moment, with a natural indie pop sensibility and one of the most interesting voices I’ve heard in some time.

The clip, directed by Guy Franklin and John Gavin, sees Montaigne realising her superhero fantasies.

“Guy Franklin and Pixel, have always been able to extract what’s in my heart and put it on screen! Shooting this video helped me realise my true dream: to become a parkour master,” she gushed in a press release. “My body double recently shot as stuntman on Ghost In The Shell. For the clip we put my face on his body, he got his hair shaved to my cut and everything! In the end, I got to be the video game hero I’ve always wanted to be. I want to properly be able to do what a game protagonist does physically now though. #Strongtaine2k17.”

Montaigne will pop up at the following festivals this summer.

27-29 December 2016 – Southbound, Busselton
28 December 2016 – 1 January 2017 – Beyond the Valley, Gippsland Parklands
29-31 December 2016 – Lost Paradise, Glenworth Valley