I don’t post about a lot of dance music on my blog. It’s not that I don’t enjoy dance music, but I think it rarely translates into my day-to-day life. It usually loses a little something when you’re pumping it through computer speakers while you’re working at a desk. To really reach me as a dance act, you need to do things a little differently to draw me in. Ezrato, a producer from Tasmania, has done just that with his latest single “Noir.”

Featuring the silky smooth vocal talents of StellaRhymes, “Noir” effortlessly blends jazz music with house to create something that’s so fun to listen to, no matter where you are.

“The idea came to me when watching one of my favorite TV series, Gotham,” Ezrato explained. “Centering around a detective assigned to dispel crime from an anarchic city, I was transfixed by the edgy, Chandler-esque and slightly anachronistic atmosphere of the show’s setting. This inspired me to try and embody this neo-noir film approach in a song. Lyrically, I drew from my own experience of addiction with both love and lust. To create cryptic layers and fit with the neo-noir theme, I utilized metaphors using terminology often found in the murder-mystery genre of film and other media. The result is an ambitious and somewhat sultry jazz/house hybrid that sets a very specific atmosphere.”

“Noir” is available for digital download now.

Image used with permission from the A&R Department