Jackie Dee is something of a quiet achiever. I must admit, her music had escaped my attention but she’s about to release her third album, Six String Heart.

Perhaps that’s because Jackie is one of those artists that creates music that’s unassuming. She doesn’t have the biggest voice or the loudest music, but what she does she does very well. Her new single “Contemplating Life” gives us a taste of the new album and what she’s all about.

“We are all touched, moved, angered by the things we hear about in the news each day and it’s easy to despair. I wanted this song to have universal meaning, reaching all of us who sit and ponder the current state of our planet and society but at the same time the song encourages optimism and at its core it’s about the importance of our relationships,” Jackie explained.

Six String Heart isn’t afraid to tackle the big issues, with songs that touch on domestic violence and mental illness. It drops on February 17, after she launches the single and plays an album preview show at the 2017 Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Jackie might have escaped my attention before, but I’m going to keep my ears out for this country songbird.