Lisa Mitchell has unveiled the gorgeous new video for her latest, equally stunning single “Warhol.” This is truly an artistic release where the music and the images come together so perfectly.

“The song is slightly devastating for me, as it’s about a betrayal … I kept having visions of all these past and future ‘selves’ coming to my aid, embodying me, as I fled, to an altar hidden in the forest, where I knew I would be welcomed by the spirit of the shrine, ‘Warhol …’ For surely he would understand this madness?” Lisa said. “Back in the real world, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a short-film of director Vanessa Gazy’s (Foal), which takes place at the edge of the forest in Australia where she grew up. I had an inkling she was the one who would direct this! I hunted her down and sure enough, she resonated so strongly with it and agreed to take the reins! All my gratitude goes to her, for taking a little seed from this wounded time and growing this two-part wilderness that became very much her own; something incredibly layered with meaning for us both.”

I can’t wait to see where this story goes in the next installment!

“Warhol” is the latest single from Lisa Mitchell’s most recent album Warriors.