You know those voices that you just stop you in your tracks because they are so beautiful? You’re about to hear one.

This is Asha, a Central Coast songbird with skills beyond her 18 years. She’s been playing shows in Newcastle and Sydney and even scored supporting gigs with Alex Lloyd and Diesel. Now with the release of her debut single “Drowning,” she sure to step out of the shadows.

Her voice is divine, but she backs it up with some fierce songwriting skills. Asha wrote “Drowning” about a toxic relationship and then worked with producer Rod McCormack to create a sound which fused Asha’s love of acoustic music with modern electronica.

“This is the music that I want to keep creating. I’d love to keep evolving within this genre. But at the same time I’m not going to limit myself to anything,” Asha states. “Drowning was a song that I wrote and then forgot about. It wasn’t even going to make the EP. One day I was reminded of the song, and we ended up recording it and it even superseded the title track of the EP Illusions, as we chose it to be my debut single.”

You can hear more from Asha when Illusions drops on February 3.