The Overland is the result of years spent writing, recording, and performing for Greg Steps & The Not for Prophets. That might seem like a long time to develop an EP, but these musicians have made sure every song counts.

“Trying to Wake the Dead” is the perfect introduction to the music Greg Steps & The Not for Prophets make together. I was reminded of the music of James Taylor and David Gray as I listened. Those are big shoes, but there’s something so similar and rare in today’s musical landscape about the great storyteller quality in Greg’s voice and the classic blend of an acoustic guitar, piano, mandolin, and fiddle.

I found myself getting sucked into the story of “Railway Man,” that traveller so far from home. The following song, “Famous Last Words” gave me another story to identify with. Listening to it made me wonder why more songwriters don’t tell stories with their songs.

“Half a World Away” is my favourite song on the EP, a stripped back folk song that builds to such an honest, raw crescendo. “Early Hours of Morning” is a beautiful way to end The Overland. I love the harmonies and the delicate calm of this one.

The Overland makes such a strong impression in five songs. It has a timeless quality that’s so appealing. Greg Steps and the Not for Prophets will launch it with a show at the Wesley Anne in Melbourne on February 24. It will be available from that date on iTunes, Bandcamp, and selected music stores.