After honing their musical talents in other bands, Hamish and Nick, two pals from the suburbs of Melbourne, have joined forces as Kings of Cough Syrup. The name might be new, but bonding over music isn’t for this pair.

“Nick was the first person I shared music with,” Hamish reminisced. “Before Nick, there was only me in a bedroom, fumbling a few chords on one of my dad’s guitars. We would have only been 13 or 14 years old; even then Nick, as he has always done, and continues to do, brought a uniting vision. It was obvious immediately; Nick’s talent dwarfed mine, and that of anyone else we played with. Nick could hear things no one else could hear, play things no one else could play, though most importantly; he was the one who was able to arrange any musical rabble into something inspiring. And, so it has been through out our lives; Kings of Cough Syrup is no different.”

Kings of Cough Syrup has just released a sublime new single “Take Me Out” which hints at the good things to come. It’s a delicate track, subtle and honest that really draws you in. “Take Me Out” is the first track lifted from Kings of Cough Syrup’s self-titled debut EP, which drops on April 21.