If you love the unbridled passion and electronic experimentation of Bjork, you’re going to adore Droplet. This Melbourne artist has just released her self-titled debut EP which features the single “High.”

Self-titling a debut EP is par for the course, but especially appropriate when you took the ownership of Droplet. She wrote all the songs and produced them as well, ensuring her stamp runs through the release.

It’s rare to hear electronic tracks as raw as “High.” Droplet wrote the track from the perspective of a vulnerable woman, desperate for acceptance and searching for it in the wrong places rather than looking within. It sounds so different, perhaps due to Droplet’s unique musical upbringing.

“I was instinctively and subconsciously nurtured by music since the day I was born, sound was an integral part of my household,” she explained. “My father introduced me to many different styles of music – traditional Greek, classical, jazz, progressive rock – that although I had no direct interest in as a child, slowly made its imprint as I began to learn more and create when I was older.”

With her single, Droplet shows she’s a fascinating artist to keep an eye on.