It’s been a year and a half since I heard music from Helen Shanahan. But the Perth folk singer is one of those artists that I never forgot, because what I’d heard before really spoke to me. She’s making the same impact on me now with her latest single “I Only Hide.”

It’s a deeply personal track which documents her own struggles with anxiety and desire to break through those emotions to become a better performer. The clip pairs with the song perfectly; it’s sure to resonate with anyone who’s struggled with mental illness.

“The concept was based around the idea of ‘two Helens,’” Helen explained in a press release. “ One Helen was what we called ‘outside’ Helen, and the other ‘inside’ Helen.  ‘Outside’ Helen encompassed the parts of me that were positive, free and fearless.  ‘Inside’ Helen showed the parts of me that felt fearful, isolated and negative.  We wanted the ‘outside’ Helen to be coaxing ‘inside’ Helen out of the house and into the light.”

Thankfully Helen won’t leave us too long waiting for more new music this time. She’s got a full-length album on the way in the coming months and a nation tour to coincide with its release.