When I first heard music from Sydney outfit Bad Pony in 2015, they quickly became one of my favourite Australian bands. They’ve been off my radar for a little while, but they’ve caught my attention with their latest single “Deficiency.”

Let me start by saying this isn’t the Bad Pony I remember. The song is a lot edgier, more aggressive and with more of an electronic influence, than the party tunes I’m used to from the band. At first I wasn’t sure about this new direction, but by the time I got to the chorus I was hooked. This is quality stuff that’s hooky enough to ensure it doesn’t alienate longtime fans like myself.

“Deficiency is about being absorbed by the greedy, selfish nature of Sydney,” front man Jarred Young explained in a press release. “We sat by my piano and arranged the tune from a bunch of voice memos recorded on Jarred’s phone,” adds guitarist and kick-drummer, Sam Thomlinson. “It started out as a bit of a mix and match, but came together in the end. We wrote the bridge in a rehearsal session, in one of our ‘let’s just play and see what happens’ moments. I produced the track at home, and recorded the drums with Jarred, then we sent it off to Cron (guitars and vocals) to be mixed and mastered.”

Bad Pony is currently touring the single in North America, but they’ll be back home to play for local crowds soon enough. Whether you’re in the U.S. or here in Australia, here are the dates you need.

15 April 2017 – Pianos, New York City
17 April 2017 – Sofar Sounds, Philadelphia
22 April 2017 – Canadian Music Week @ The Supermarket, Toronto
6 May 2017 – Republic Bar, Hobart
11 May 2017 – Grace Emily, Adelaide
12 May 2017 – Yah Yah’s, Melbourne
19 May 2017 – Beach Hotel, Byron
20 May 2017 – Night Quarter, Gold Coast
21 May 2017 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
25 May 2017 – Strawberry Boogie @ UOW, Wollongong
26 May 2017 – Moonshine, Manly
27 May 2017 – Chippendale Hotel, Sydney

Image used with permission from Arrow Agency