It’s been a long time since Australia had a girl group to call its own, but we just might have found one in Chasing Velvet. This fun act has just released their debut single “Vertigo.” Listen at your own risk, because you’re unlikely to get it out of your head for weeks.

These girls have the look, but we probably shouldn’t dump them into the same basket as Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. They’ve got a little more of a rock-edge than those British chartbusters, and they’re also much more than just voices. While all the ladies contribute their vocal talents to the single, Luci also plays guitar, Jaslyn is on bass, and Naomi has real chops behind a drum kit. Perhaps we should start thinking of them as the female equivalent of 5 Seconds of Summer rather than the next Girlfriend or Bardot.

They also weren’t put together by a money-hungry record exec or a TV talent show either. Instead they met through mutual friends; sharing their musical interests quickly led to jam sessions and Chasing Velvet was born.

With catchy tunes and real musical talent behind them, I predict we’re going to see a lot of Chasing Velvet this year.

Image used with permission from Spotlight Music Group