We’re used to hearing punk acts turning their speakers up to 11. But Columbus is going the opposite route with its new five-track EP Next to Me, which drops today. It features a brand new song, the EP’s title track, and acoustic reimaginings of some of the Brisbane band’s past tracks.

“Next To Me is a melancholic falling out, which reminiscences about moments with a past lover,” explained the band’s frontman Alex Moses. “I wrote the song about the feeling of knowing you’re drifting apart from someone and there’s nothing you can do.”

It’s a softer song for the band, and one which marries perfectly with these new arrangements of classic Columbus tracks. Alex said reinterpreting the old songs in an acoustic way was “a very creatively fulfilling process.”
“We’re really proud of the songs and think they stand on their own in contrast to the heavier versions.”

The Next to Me EP is available now.