With so much going on in Sydney for Vivid over the next couple of months, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how you’ll spend your time. If you only attend one event though, I suggest you make it CLIPPED, a music video festival returning as part of the Vivid Ideas program.

You’ll get to see some of the best Australian and New Zealand music videos and attend workshops, but the real drawcard for me is a keynote speech from visionary American music video director Warren Fu. This guy has created mindblowing clips for the likes of Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dogg, and the Strokes. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, check out this video on the CLIPPED Facebook page for a refresher.

CLIPPED is at SUNSTUDIOS on Saturday June 3. Tickets are available now through the Vivid website.

Image used with permission via Inmocean