Most singers rely on musicians to support their vocals. But not Aurelia, who uses the sound of her own martial arts practice as the background for her new single “Are We Losing.” It’s a fitting way to combine the passions of this musical songstress who competes in martial arts at an international level.

Listening to the track, it’s so easy to forget that the background music is a woman working out. It’s unique, sure, but it sounds far more beautiful than anything I’ve heard in a gym! Aurelia’s layered the sound of her training with her own vocal samples to create a really wonderful soundscape. I also love Aurelia’s voice. It has such a special, hypnotic tone which also helps set this song apart.

“Recording the Are We Losing demo was a pivotal experience for me of how magical I think making music should feel,” she explained. “This, and the fact that Are We Losing is essentially about freedom and abandon, lead me to the realisation that I’m free to release whatever I want, so I am.”

After discovering such an original single from Aurelia, I can’t wait to hear what she surprises us with next!