I am a massive fan of Glen Hansard’s music. So when I heard he’d been collaborating with Aussie-based Irish lass Áine Tyrrell, I couldn’t wait to give her new songs a spin.

“Don’t Be Crying” is her latest single, and it’s every bit a special as I’d hoped for. It stays true to her folk roots but the big brassy hooks give it a soulful flavour. It comes from Áine’s new EP Fledgling Fall, which will drop in August.

After working with Áine on this batch of song, Glen is keen to continue their connected. Aine will travel to Ireland later this year to record with him and The Frames.

“It has been such an amazing opportunity for me to work with one of my songwriting heroes,” Áine said in a press release. “He is a warrior of poetry and people. I feel blessed to have made such an inspiring friend and kindred spirit musically and being able to bounce ideas and share songs with him has been phenomenal for my songwriting and my soul.”

I can’t wait to see where their creative partnership takes them next!