Kristy James’ new single “Push” is a really gutsy girl power anthem. In the vein of powerful country women like Miranda Lambert or Gretchen Wilson, the Newcastle singer attacks the vocals in this track about taking chances.

The glammed-up video might seem a little left-of-centre for a country artist, but Kristy felt right at home.

“In another life I spent a lot of time dancing,” she explained. “From the moment I saw Dirty Dancing I knew I had to be able to do it.”

Kristy is currently preparing to head to Nashville to write music for her sophomore EP, which should drop in August.

It’s a Monday. And while it might be getting close to the end of the working day, there’s a whole lot left of the working week to go. It’s enough to make you want to leave all the pressures of our consumer world behind, right? If you’re feeling me, grab some headphones (because you do not want to play this track around your boss) and listen to “Fuck It All,” an inspired reggae track from Queensland artist The Lyrical.

The track explores our priorities and what we should let go of in our lives.

“It’s not about denying those things exist, or even the importance of those things, but recognising – hey, it doesn’t matter and it will be okay,” he explained.

The Lyrical is currently touring the East Coast. There are just two dates remaining on his current tour. Catch him at the Brunswick Hotel in Brunswick Heads on March 31 or Lennox Hotel in Lennox Head on April 2.

I have fallen for the raw, unbridled passion of “Shapes,” the latest single from Victorian band Mount Defiance. The track sings about friendships and relationships coming together on a packed dance floor.

“Shapes” comes from Mount Defiance’s forthcoming second EP Yankee Flat, which is scheduled for release later this year. It’s set to feature happy songs, sad songs, and intimate musical yarns recorded in the beautiful regional town of Mount Helen.

Image used with permission from Maths & Magic

If you like your music loud, dirty, and in your face, then let me introduce you to Midnight Alibi. The Albury band has just released a brand new single “Ego Tripper,” and it’s the ideal introduction to their infectiously raw sound.

We should see this track on Midnight Alibi’s debut album Just Like You Want It, which should be available in the first half of the year.

Mahalia Barnes has one of the most soulful voices in the country. So I was pretty sure that when she lent her vocals to “Black Cloud,” the new single from Palace of the King, I was going to love it.

This track is so funky, an irresistible combination of blues, soul, and straight-up rock and roll. It comes from Palace of the King’s sophomore album Valles Marineris.

Fresh from supporting the Baby Animals, Palace of the King will play shows around the country kicking off in Young tonight. Once these dates wrap up, the band will head to Los Angeles to showcase at MUSEXPO.

24 March 2017 – Young Services Club, Young (with The Angels)
25 March 2017 – Home Tavern Wagga Wagga (with The Angels)
29 March 2017 – Cherry Bar, Melbourne (with Nik Oliveri)
30 March 2017 – Peli Bar, Frankston (with Nik Oliveri)
31 March 2017 – Villa Noosa Hotel, Sunshine Coast (with The Angels)
1 April 2017 – Racehourse Hotel, Ipswich (with The Angels)
6 April 2017 – Frankies Pizza, Sydney
7 April 2017 – York on Lilydale, Melbourne (with The Angels)
8 April 2017 – Gateway Hotel, Geelong (with The Angels)
13 April 2017 – Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne
15 April 2017 – Baha, Rye
16 April 2017 – Barwon Club, Geelong (with Endless Boogie)
21 April 2017 – Crown & Anchor, Adelaide
22 April 2017 – Whalers, Warrnambool

Image used with permission from Revolutions per Minute

Local urban artist Mike Waters has teamed up with American pop act Max Frost for an exciting new track “Drowning.”

“Drowning,” which Mike says is “about becoming completely consumed and overwhelmed by the pressure you put on yourself to succeed,” is such a catchy track. I can hear so many influences in it, yet the way it’s put together is totally unique. It’s so clever. I’ve listened to it several times this morning and I’m still hearing different things.

Mike will launch the single on April 7 at Melbourne’s Wesley Anne before joining Lewis Watson for his national tour in June.

The always exceptional Dustin Tebbutt has contributed a new original song, “Atlas In Your Eye,” to the latest Aussie cinematic masterpiece Jasper Jones.

I love the look of this movie and Dustin’s gentle folk song seems to match this tale of small-town intrigue beautifully.

“It was such an honour to work on this project, as the team involved are really incredible. When I was asked to come in and see the film and perhaps try to write a song for the closing scene, it really struck a chord with me,” Dustin explained.

“As I was driving home after the screening, the chorus came into my head. There was just so much in the story to pull from, that the rest came pretty quickly after that. I was also trying to capture the essence of some of the folk music of the 60′s in which the film was set, and also balance the light and dark that is woven throughout the novel.”

Are you into this song as much as I am?

I’ve had one of my very rare days where I listened to a whole lot of music and nothing seemed to rev me. I wrote the article about Droplet last week, you see, and I’ve been attempting to find something else worth sharing with you for hours. I was starting to think perhaps I was being too picky. I was starting to worry I might end up letting my standards slip because I was just so keen to share something, anything, with you. But then I heard “Gaff’s Song,” the latest track from The Jensens, and it was like a shining light.

Literally, as it so happens, because this song makes me think of summer road trips down the coast. It’s got a great carefree vibe that I’m really responding too. My local area has been plagued by gloomy weather lately, and this track takes me back to the days that were a bit warmer. While it has a relaxed feel, there’s also a deeper meaning too, as the band explained in the press release.

“It’s about wilfully denying yourself of something instinctual, as well as the magnetism of desire. An internal argument of wanting love, but having no more time you’re prepared to give. It’s about sex being both a vital shared experience and a temporary distraction of a life otherwise lived at existential breaking point. And how pursuing that experience, is to enter a world of sacrifice and convention. It’s about appreciating the fact that your mind has been trained to feed you the notion of significance, by way of the libido, but ultimately questioning the necessity of all of it.”

“Gaff’s Song” comes from The Jensens’ sophomore EP Sexless, which drops on March 31.

Image used with permission from Secret Service Public Relations

If you love the unbridled passion and electronic experimentation of Bjork, you’re going to adore Droplet. This Melbourne artist has just released her self-titled debut EP which features the single “High.”

Self-titling a debut EP is par for the course, but especially appropriate when you took the ownership of Droplet. She wrote all the songs and produced them as well, ensuring her stamp runs through the release.

It’s rare to hear electronic tracks as raw as “High.” Droplet wrote the track from the perspective of a vulnerable woman, desperate for acceptance and searching for it in the wrong places rather than looking within. It sounds so different, perhaps due to Droplet’s unique musical upbringing.

“I was instinctively and subconsciously nurtured by music since the day I was born, sound was an integral part of my household,” she explained. “My father introduced me to many different styles of music – traditional Greek, classical, jazz, progressive rock – that although I had no direct interest in as a child, slowly made its imprint as I began to learn more and create when I was older.”

With her single, Droplet shows she’s a fascinating artist to keep an eye on.

I love grey, gloomy weather, but I must admit that the weeks of relentless rain in New South Wales are even starting to take their toll on me. If you need to bust those bad weather blues, take a listen to the summery electro-pop sounds of Selahphonic’s single “Had Our Heaven.”

The shimmery track comes from the Sunshine Coast band’s debut EP Therapy. With its retro synth sounds and singalong chorus, just see if you won’t be humming this song for the next week. It’s just that catchy. If you like it, make sure you head to Selahphonic’s website, where you can download it for free for a limited time.

Selahphonic will introduce fans to their EP with the following East Coast shows in April.

8 April 2017 – Sol Bar, Sunshine Coast
13 April 2017 – Rare Finds @ Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
27 April 2017 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
28 April 2017 – Beach Hotel, Byron Bay
12 May 2017 – Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne

Image used with permission from Rare Finds