What if the albums you download could do more than just filling up your MP3 player and making you happy? What if they could fill the bellies of people in need and put smiles on their faces? They could if the album you buy is OH from Sydney songstress Appleonia.

Appleonia’s teamed up with Vittoria Coffee, who’s promised to donate the value of every copy downloaded to Oz Harvest. That’s the equivalent of three meals for hungry Aussies. And do you know the best part? The downloads are actually free, so you can support this cause and enjoy some great new local music without putting your hand in your pocket!

Click here to own the album and spread the word! And if you love what you hear, make sure you show your support when Appleonia launches at the album at the FBi Social Club on February 20.

Image used with permission from Umbrella Artist Management & PR

I hope you’re all enjoying a chilled out Australia Day! It seems iTunes is, because it’s set up a pretty cool Australia Day room to celebrate the occasion. Happily it includes a couple of free downloads, including Australian Crawl’s classic “Boys Light Up” lifted from their new greatest hits collection.

If you want to splash your cash around there’s also the rest of Australian Crawl’s greatest hits and albums from Kylie Minogue, INXS, and The 12th Man. Marvellous! You’ll also find a bunch of Aussie TV shows, movies, books, and Australian-made apps for your downloading pleasure, so your Australia Day entertainment is pretty much sorted!

This campaign runs until January 30, so make sure you download your free Australian Crawl track before then!

Image source: Tim Swinson @ Flickr

The epic track “Ocean” has long been a highlight of any John Butler set. The acclaimed Aussie singer-songwriter has actually been performing the epic guitar instrumental since 1998 when he’d busk at Fremantle markets to earn a living. John Butler is giving back to all the fans he’s made since those early days by releasing the first studio recording of “Ocean” in 12 years as a free download.

“’Ocean’ is a very interesting aspect of my life. It is part of my DNA. It conveys all things I can’t put into words. Life, loss, love, spirit. As I evolve so too does ‘Ocean’,” John explained. “I’d like to thank you for your continued support over all these years; it means so much to me. I would like to thank you by offering this first studio recording of “Ocean” in over a decade as a free download.”

The track was captured at John Butler’s own studio, dubbed The Compound in February. You can grab the MP3 that accompanies this YouTube video by visiting the John Butler Trio website.

Mia Dyson made a big impression on the Australian music charts in the last naughties, but seemed to disappear just as quickly. But it turns out she didn’t give up the dream; she just relocated it to the United States.

After three years touring America with big name artists like Stevie Nicks, Dave Stewart, and Chris Isaak, Mia’s reconnecting with her local fans. The independent artist askedmusic lovers to pre-order her new album through the Pledge Music campaign. These donations will then go towards funding the release. She actually raised enough to make the album in just one week, so Mia wants to say thanks for the support.

Which brings me to “Tell Me,” an achingly gorgeous new track that Mia’s giving away to her fans.

“Tell Me is a track I felt would really resonate with fans of my previous albums,” she explained. “It gives a hint of what I’ve been up to in the studio, so I really wanted fans to hear it first, before we get to the craziness of an album campaign later in the year!”

You can hear the song here, and if you like it just sign up to the Mia Dyson mailing list for the free download. Hopefully that will tide you over until the new album, dubbed The Moment, hits stores in August.

Brisbane electro act Re:Enactment are so excited to release their first album Sport, they’re giving it away.

“If you’re an impoverished music fan in a place where the only way to afford buying music is to either sell off your pet goat or sister, then I’m genuinely excited at the prospect of you not having to do that in order to own our music,” said the band’s vocalist and guitarist Jacob Hicks. He’s even prepared to give it away to yuppies, or indeed anyone who just expects a handout.

However, if you love the music and want to help Re:Enactment make more of it you can make a $10 donation to the band.

Either way, you can now download Sport from Re:Enactment’s Bandcamp page.

Image used with permission from Paper Street Records

N’fa Jones really impressed me when he burst onto our music scene with his hip hop act 1200 Techniques way back in 1997. The band fizzled out in 2005, but now N’fa’s back with a new swag of songs.

N’fa’s new single is “Wayooy,” a fun summer groove which features Roots Manuva and M-Phazes. You can download the track for free by entering your e-mail address into the widget above. I’m guessing that’ll add your details to N’fa’s e-mail list, which is a great way to stay in the loop with his music.

“Wayooy” comes from N’fa’s brand new EP Babylondon, which is scheduled to hit stores next March. It’s wonderful to have him back!

Faker are getting into the Christmas spirit, announcing that they’ll give their new album Get Loved to fans for free.

In an open letter the band’s frontman Nathan Hudson said that “The point and excitement in writing and releasing Get Loved is in danger of being missed.” He continued that the band recorded the album a year ago expecting to unleash it straight away. However changes in management and lineup combined with a bunch of red tape to see that release date pushed back time and time again.

In the meantime their most recent tour was “less than well-attended” and the band realised music lovers were “unsure or who or what the band is.” And so Faker rejected the latest January 2012 release date and, with the help of EMI, moved things forward on their terms.

“For those of you that have been incredibly patient and have made the effort to discover and listen to our new music, we thank you and want you to know that we’re doing this for you,” he wrote. “If we hold this record back any longer, it’ll just feel like we’re taking the piss.”

And so Get Loved will be available to download for free from midday tomorrow through Faker’s website. It sees the band close this chapter as they head into the studio to get started on their next album, and the next phase of their career. Hopefully it won’t take so long for the next disc to drop!

Image source: Safetypinheart @ Flickr

Meem, or Michael Moebus as his mum calls him, is bringing old school hip hop sounds back with his fifth album Monsters Don’t Sleep OK! And to celebrate the album’s release, he’s giving fans a free download of the single “Get Down Party.” Just right-click and save to wrap your ears around this fun tune.

The track is the first from the very limited edition album, which features guest appearances from Mr Scruff, Raashan, Roots Manuva, and Ahmad & The Boom Band Krewe. Just 200 copies of the independently released album were pressed, so you’ll need to get yours quick when it goes on sale on November 11.

Image used with permission from Positive Feedback

Scott Spark’s spreading a little festive cheer with his new track “Last Christmas (What Do You Say?)”

Don’t confuse this song with the campy Wham number. It’s a beautiful piano driven tune, the kind of thing perfect for spinning late at night when you’re sipping on eggnog or brandy.

And it wouldn’t be Christmas if you couldn’t get it for free, would it? Click on the link and this lush seasonal song is yours!

Image used with permission from Other Tongues

Red Jezebel BodylineRed Jezebel is giving us all an early Christmas present! The Western Australian act is currently offering its new single “Bodyline” as a free download.

Apparently the staple of the band’s live set was intended as a Christmas release, but the staunch cricket fans figured maybe an early release would help boost team morale. You can nab the track for nix until February 6, which is not so coincidentally the final Australia versus England ODI game of the season.

But why wait until then? Point your browser to the official Red Jezebel website and download away!

And if you haven’t made any New Year’s Eve plans yet, why not join Red Jezebel at the Rosemount Hotel? They’re headlining the pub’s New Year’s Eve Fiesta, sharing the bill with Will Stoker and the Embers, Sons of Rico, Emperors, and heaps more. I hear a couple of surprises are in store, so fans shouldn’t miss this one. Doors open at 6, and make sure you get there early because the first 50 through the door will get a limited edition hard copy version of “Bodyline”!

Tickets are available for $20 plus booking fee from Planet Video, Mills Records, Star Perth and Heatseeker.

Image used with permission from Sweet Mate Promotions