ConcertEarlier today I shared with you my favourite concert experience, catching John Mayer at The Metro way back in 2002. But what does everyone else in the channel think? Here are my fellow bloggers’ favourite gigs.

  • Ana at Austin Sound Check found it a tough choice, but settled on a show by Texan heroes Blue October.
  • Dave at Brit Music Scene talks about some awesome shows like Stereophonics, Megadeth, and Kate Nash.
  • Ear Sucker’s Roberta raved about catching Def Leppard live. I am truly jealous.
  • Scott at Metal Martyr loved seeing Slayer, but he couldn’t resist giving a few notable mentions to metal’s finest.
  • Gilan at The Beatles Invasion was lucky enough to catch the then unknown Rufus Wainwright supporting Sloan in 1998.
  • Our 90s fan Albert at The Production Side couldn’t decide between his two favourite bands: Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots.

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In the music channel today we’re all talking about our favourite concerts. This was a tough call for me. I saw my first show when I was 12 years old, and I’ve been a regular concert goer ever since. I’ve seen some brilliant shows in tiny little bars, and I’ve seen some real spectacles in the arenas. But if I have to single out just one favourite, it’s probably the first time I saw John Mayer live on 27 October, 2002.

John Mayer @ The Metro

My excitement was at a fever pitch from the time the tour announcement was made. Room for Squares had taken up residence in my CD player, and I couldn’t wait to hear those amazing songs live. I was so excited I actually decided to see not just the Sydney show, but the Brisbane one as well.

I’ve seen John another six times since then, but it’s never matched the first. It’s not his fault of course. He still delivers mindblowing guitar solos, quirky soliloquies, and fantastic singalong songs. The differences are part and parcel of success.

Now he plays entertainment centres. On the first show I happily stood in the centre of the front row at the Metro. The sets are more predictable now too, as he must play all the big singles from all those albums. But at that first show we were treated to the more obscure album tracks like “City Love” and “Covered in Rain,” and the fan favourite from his independent EP, “Comfortable.”

It was that song that actually brought me my favourite concert moment too, when at its conclusion John crouched down in front of me, took my hand and pressed his plectrum into my palm. I’ll never forget that.

I’ll catch up with my music blogging colleagues concert stories later, but until then I’d love to hear yours. What is your favourite concert experience?

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Pete MurrayIt’s all been a little quite on the Pete Murray front lately, but don’t think this laidback singer songwriter has been idle. He’s recorded album number three, Summer at Eureka, in his Byron Bay studio, and he’s ready to let the world hear it.

All that starts with the new single “You Pick Me Up” which hit radio this weekend.

“One of the things I wanted to do as a producer was to capture that creative spark you feel as a song is being written, and that’s exactly what you hear on ‘Pick Me Up’,” Pete told The West. You can hear for yourself by visiting The West website.

Expect more mellow tunes and soulful grooves when Summer at Eureka hits stores in May.

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One half of The Veronicas, Jess Origliasso, has everyone talking after she locked lips with openly bisexual MTV VJ Ruby Rose at the Cleo Bachelor of the Year Awards celebrations on Thursday night. Partygoers were shocked when the sexy twosome started to kiss passionately against a wall at Sydney’s Ivy Club.

Ruby Rose confirmed the steamy dance when contacted by The Daily Telegraph, but she refused to kiss and tell.

“She’s a top chick and that’s really all there is to it,” Ruby said.

The Veronicas camp is refusing to talk, which of course has the gossip columns jumping to all sorts of conclusions. It probably doesn’t do a lot for Jess’s role model rep, but it sounds like a harmless party pash to me.

CrossChristian music is huge all around the world, yet it rarely receives the coverage of secular tunes. If Christian music floats your boat, or you just want to check it out, there’s no better place to start than b5media’s Christian Music Fan. We caught up with the blog’s editor, Jason Bean, to learn more about what makes him tick.

What blog do you write?
I write for Christian Music Fan. I’ve grown up in the church all my life so there’s anobvious connection to Christian music. I’ve also spent some time living in Nashville and Franklin, TN so I’ve got some contacts in the industry as well.

How long have you been blogging?
I’ve been blogging now for about three years seriously. It’s been a terrific ride but there’s been a lot to learn and some discipline to be developed.

What do you like best about blogging?
I love the conversation and freedom to just share what you’re thinking with people. It’s great if people read and respond to what you share to both challenge and confirm your own assumptions, but even if nobody read the process is very cathartic for me.

Describe yourself in five words.
Detailed, procedural, humorous, demure, determined.

What is the last song that you heard that made you say “Wow!”?
Whoa! Good question. For me it would probably be “A New Law” by Derek Webb from his Mockingbird album.

What album is currently taking over your rotation?
I’m not sure if there’s a single album. I’ve been taking advantage of grabbing free music downloads from a variety of sites lately so my playlist is usually a compilation of all those songs and that’s what I’m listening to actively now.

Favorite quote?
Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday. I’ve come a long way in my outlook on hurdles and challenges that come along your way through life. You can either freak out over them and get stuck mired down in the emotion of it, or just hit it head on and realize that for the most part our lives are easy compared to lots of other people around us that are working through much harder challenges in their life. Just be thankful and understand you’re blessed.

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Dave LarkinI wonder whether The Kinks’ legendary singer Ray Davies has given his Aussie support act Dave Larkin any tips about going solo. We’re used to seeing Dave fronting Dallas Crane, but these days it seems he’s quite happy going it alone.

Dave’s currently working on his first solo release, which promises to be an alt-country affair.

There’s no word yet on when we’ll get to hear it, but Undercover says Dave is road testing new material in his Ray Davies’ support slot. Sounds to me like that full length disc won’t be too far away.

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Teen queen Miley Cyrus, star of Disney’s Hannah Montana, says she can’t wait to bring her concert tour Down Under. Miley Cyrus
She told Los Angeles reporters she’s hoped to visit Australia ever since her dad Billy Ray toured here a decade ago.

“Australia is a big marketplace for music,” she said. “Nashville tests most of its music in Australia because they’re very open to pop music and country music over there.

“Hopefully it [an Australian tour] will happen some time at the end of this year or the beginning of the next,” she added. “We’re really hoping that we can sort it out.

“We want to go to Australia, the UK, Brazil … everywhere.”

Not sure I agree with her comments about our acceptance of Australian music, but this news should certainly make quite a few kids happy!

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Some of Australia’s hottest musicians are amongst the stars named in this year’s 25 Most Beautiful List. The list compiled by Who Magazine is said to recognise inner and outer beauty (although those who make the cut are always pretty sexy).

Glamourous pop stars Sophie Monk and Delta Goodrem stand alongside Jennifer Hawkins and Miranda Kerr on the front cover, and look every bit as good as the models. Bootylicious Ricki Lee Coulter and scruffy Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns also made the top 25.

Click here to see all the sexy pics of this year’s most beautiful people.

It seems the folks at American Idol are having trouble coming up with themes. Last week we had the Lennon and McCartney songbook. This week we’ve got the songs of The Beatles. At least this way we can bring out some George Harrison gems I suppose.

I thought Michael sounded great this week (although Simon disagreed with me!) and he delivered “A Day in the Life” with real conviction. But I think the biggest problem for him was trying to compress this opus into a minute and forty. It just sounded really choppy and I think that made it hard for him to really build it.

But the crowd seemed to love it, and they’re the ones voting right? His popularity alone should see him survive another week in the comp.

The wait’s almost over for American Kylie fans. Ms Minogue’s latest endeavour X will be released in the States on April 1.

“This album is much more of a celebration than anything I’ve done before, with some room for reflection as well,” Kylie said in a press release.

“I had to get back into the studio just to test myself and get some things off my chest, which I did.”

To make up for the delayed release, the American version of X will include an exclusive bonus track called “All I See.” The new song is a collaboration with New York rapper Mims.