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Metal fans have something to celebrate with news that Disturbed are heading to Australia for a massive tour.

Disturbed have reached heights most bands of their genre can only dream of, selling in excess of ten million albums worldwide. That success has only continued with the release of their fourth album, Indestructible, which recently reached number one on the Aussie and American charts.

Disturbed will play shows with the acclaimed P.O.D., Alter Bridge, and Behind Crimson Eyes. Fans are going to snap these tickets up, so make sure you get yours when they go on sale on 10 July. This monster metal lineup will play the following shows:

29 August 2008 – Metro City, Perth
31 August 2008 – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
2 August 2008 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
3 September 2008 – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
4 September 2008 – Newcastle Entertainment Centre
6 September 2008 – Festival Hall, Melbourne

Winter weather tends to make me a little stir crazy. I love the cold, but my concert calendar always looks a little threadbare. But with the announcement of the first Day of the Green concert of the year, I’m reminded that summer isn’tSheryl Crow too far away.

The season kicks off with a massive double bill: John Mellencamp (I believe he’s dropped the Cougar again) and Sheryl Crow. This is the sort of show where you will literally know every song, and have a mighty fine time singing along.

If you don’t live near one of the wineries, you can probably catch the show at your local ent cent. The indoor gigs have the added bonus of Aussie troubadour Shane Nicholson, but they will lose out on atmosphere. If there’s any way you can get yourself to one of the Day on the Green events, I strongly advise it.

Tickets go on sale on Monday 7 July for the following shows:

15 November 2008 – Sandalford Wines, Swan Valley
19 November 2008 – Adelaide Entertainment Centre
21 November 2008 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
22 November 2008 – Rochford’s Eyton Winery, Yarra Valley
25 November 2008 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
28 November 2008 – Acer Arena, Sydney
29 November 2008 – Bimbadgen Estate, Hunter Valley

If November seems a little far away, why not consider heading to the Hunter Valley for the annual Bimbadgen Blues Festival? The amazing line-up brings you Australia’s finest blues musicians including Josh Pyke, Chain, Dallas Frasca and her Gentleman, Mojo Webb, Paul Greene, and heaps more.

Two stages will keep the entertainment coming thick and fast. You can also indulge in a gourmet picnic hamper from the award winning Esca restaurant, not to mention all that lovely Bimbadgen wine! Tickets are priced at $55, which isn’t bad value at all for six hours of fantastic music.

“What better way to kick off spring, and our festival season, than to relax with a selection of Bimbadgen reds and whites while enjoying the sounds of the blues?” asks Bimbadgen Estate General Manager John Quirk. What better way indeed!

Bimbadgen Blues is on at Bimbadgen Estate on Saturday 6 September. Check the website for further details and tickets.

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Universal Need coverIf you love the earnest songwriting and warm, passionate vocals of girls like Sheryl Crow, Lucinda Williams, Bic Runga, and Brandi Carlisle, you’re going to love Alanna Cherote.

She’s a world away from the manufactured artists and overnight sensations that dominate the charts, and that’s just how she likes it.

Alanna’s spent her time away from the spotlight, playing acoustic shows and writing music while travelling through Germany, France, Denmark, Scotland, England, Croatia, Malta, Morocco, and many more exotic locales.

Her travels have inspired the songs you’ll find on her debut EP, Universal Need. It’s released on July 24, the very same night she’ll play The Gaelic Club in Sydney. If you needed another reason to get on down and support this promising newcomer, it’s worth noting that the show will raise funds for The Starlight Foundation. Tickets cost just $12 through Moshtix.

Image source: Alanna Cherote MySpace

As if I needed another reason to envy Gabriella Cilmi, I think I’ve found one. The stunning Aussie popette has more outfits in the film clip for her latest single “Don’t Wanna Go To Bed” than I’ve ever seen in one music video! Wow!

This song has such great energy, if it’s not a massive dancefloor hit I’m a poor judge.

Iggy Pop and Jet

When Johnny O’Keefe released “The Wild One” 50 years ago it started an Australian rock and roll revolution. So it’s fitting that the song is being re-released next month with a rock and roll legend and one of Australia’s hottest bands.

Jet recently flew to Miami to record “The Wild One” with the one and only Iggy Pop. Iggy fans will remember his definitive 1980s cover, and the new version is set to introduce a whole new generation to the song.

“My introduction to Johnny O’Keefe came through Iggy Pop covering this song,” says Jet’s Nic Cester. “Although I don’t think we have been directly influenced by Johnny O’Keefe, the ripples that he created are enormous. If the only thing that comes of this is just alerting other Australians that this existed, that’s a good thing.”

The collaboration will be released as a single on 19 July, and as a bonus track on the forthcoming album Johnny O’Keefe – The Wild One. The best of recording features remastered version of JO’K's biggest hits. Johnny O’Keefe – The Wild One is available in stores from 23 August.

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Midnight Oil 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 coverOn July 5, some fifty years ago Johnny O’Keefe released The Wild One and Aussie rock was born.

To commemorate the event The Age assembled a panel to come up with the top 50 Australian albums of all time. Votes were cast by critics, music journos, musicians, record shop owners, and band managers. The only criteria was this – they had to choose the finest albums by Australian musicians.

Sadly they didn’t ask me. But maybe that’s a good thing. It makes it easier to point out the flaws and the glaring omissions. These lists are never going to be perfect after all, but they do inspire debate.

Midnight Oil, Skyhooks, INXS, and AC/DC all earned their places in the top 10. I can understand Midnight Oil claiming the top spot, but I would have given it to Cold Chisel’s East. I certainly can’t imagine why it’s limped in at number 23. Lyrically, musically, and vocally, Cold Chisel are first class and this album is their best.

But rather than quibble about the folks who should have scored higher, I’m more interested to see who didn’t make it. The list is about blokey rock. Australians might do this well, but it’s certainly not all we do.

There’s no Savage Garden. There’s no James Reyne, not even in his Australian Crawl days. There’s no Divinyls. There’s no Renee Geyer. There’s no Kylie. There’s not even any Farnsy.

But there is plenty of good music there. Maybe the omissions show us just how rich our musical landscape is. Click the link, browse the top 50, and tell me what you think of it!

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Augie March

Augie March know it’s been some time since their fans have been able to get their hands on something new.

So they’re offering four free tracks to tide us over until the release of album number four. The semi-acoustic songs were recorded in Los Angeles, and include a new version of the smash hit “One Crowded Hour.” Just sign up the mailing list to get your hands on them!

Make sure you keep visiting Augie March’s new look website, as they’ll be blogging and adding new music as they record the new album. All very exciting stuff!

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Rogue Traders

Natalie Bassingthwaighte has left her Rogue Traders bandmates to pursue her solo career.

Nat originally planned to take time off to record a solo release, but the band have decided to make the split a permanent one.

“As I’m sure every single one of you already knows, this tour was always expected to be our last tour for some time, as we knew Nat was going to work on solo and other commitments, which could take some years to complete,” James Ash said on the band’s online forum.

“Because of this, sadly, after a great deal of consideration we’ve come to the conclusion that as Nat’s career choices are taking her in new and exciting directions, she won’t be able to be a part of the Rogue Traders.

“Nat and I both want you to know that we part company as best friends, with a deep love and respect for each other and what we have achieved over the last three and a half years.”

It’s amazing to think she’s only been with the band since 2004. Natalie’s distinctive vocals gave the band top ten hits including “Voodoo Child,” “Way To Go,” “Watching You,” “Don’t You Wanna Feel” and “I Never Liked You.” Her presence in the band will be sorely missed.

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Jimmy Barnes Book Launch
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Who says you can’t teach an old rocker new tricks? Jimmy Barnes will be the first Aussie act to use new Alive Drive technology.

When you see Barnesy on his Out of the Blue tour you can pick up an Alive Drive USB wristband featuring exclusive audio, video, andimage content, plus live updates via the web.

This is the same sort of flexible USB wristband Matchbox Twenty fans saw when the lads toured here recently.

Jimmy Barnes plays Canberra Theatre tonight.

PsycropticTasmanian metal outfit Psycroptic has just scored a major worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

If you’re not a metal fan, you might not realise how important the deal is but for metal bands, this is the jackpot.

“Nuclear Blast has always been the pinnacle of labels within the metal realm, and to be signed with them is a huge honor for us … and to be the first Tasmanian band to ever be on the label is a pretty awesome bonus as well,” the band said in a statement. “The artist roster is nothing short of amazing, and for Psycroptic to be added to it … well, we couldn’t be happier!!”

The buzz has been slowly building since the band formed in 1999. They’ve released three albums, and there’s another one planned for October. Psycroptic are currently wowing crowds in the US on their Summer Slaughter tour.

Congrats lads – onwards and upwards!

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