Despite the economic downturn, more Aussie music fans are travelling interstate to catch the big festivals. Jetstar and are making it even easier to catch the action.

The trend seems to be influenced by those cheap cheap interstate flights and the rise of fantastic local festivals.

“There are also local festivals like Southbound in Perth, Meredith and Falls Festival in Victoria that attract a huge number of fans from outside their state,” explained Leigh Treweek, the national marketing director of Street Press Australia.

“With Jetstar, people can grab low fares, travel interstate, stay with friends, all within their means. Australians don’t just see their own city as a place to party – they will jump on a plane at the drop of a hat to see their favourite DJ or band outside their home state.” provides a one-stop shop for music fans hoping to catch a festival interstate.

“We have a large number of subscribers logging on each week to check out their favourite acts, and then clicking through to Jetstar to book their ‘Festival Travel’,” said the site’s director, Marc Mancini.

I can’t think of a better way to spend those K-Rudd dollars, can you?

Image source: Deep Schismic @ Flickr